As a year enveloped and a new emerged, emergent change is top of the mind as well as future adventures.  Personally and professionally, I am constantly curious about change and talent.  We have likely all experienced how small differences in conditions yield different outcomes, or experienced how the present is linked to the future, but the present does not determine the future. Journeymapping

Today, while cycling, I was pondering journeys taken; solo and with others, directions being set, leadership characteristics, skills, knowledge, abilities and the experience of the fellow travelers (talent) on particular journeys whom are essential to support the success of the journey. Additionally, I began to ponder the criticality of identifying and dealing with/or responding to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats along the journey. Then, thoughts about adapting routes and/or destinations based upon reflections and learning surfaced, as well as the significance to ensure alignment of accompanying the travelers on the shared journey.In addition, the importance of the mindfulness to be able to identify indicators of progress, communication and celebrating successes surfaced.

A few questions to support with the emerging New Year:

  • What role(s) do you play with respect to setting and maintaining direction?
  • When considering the success of the journey and fellow talent members, what skills, knowledge and abilities are crucial to success today and in the future?
  • What tools/resources are utilized for heightening awareness of strengths and weaknesses, as well as threats and opportunities?
  • How often is time side time to reflect and learn, as well as apply learning to shape the journey?
  • Is there adequate communication to build awareness and desire, or is more energy spent on results and reinforcing?
  • Is there an opportunity to enhance mindfulness of aligning with the company of the talent, AKA those traveling on the shared journey, and building an alliance mindset?

ChangesignWe have all heard and experienced, the only thing that is constant is change.  Upon successfully finishing my cycle ride, my mind shifted to pondering a specific model related to implementing change successfully. What models or tools do you prefer to utilize and/or recommend?




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