As we sat boarded for our flight not long ago, while we were waiting for passengers to board, the gentleman who sat in front of us was on his cell phone having a very serious heated conversation.  Not intentionally eavesdropping, I could hear sentences such as, “Because you don’t do your job well” “You don’t listen” “You are garbage” and “You don’t have a brain in your head.”

At first, I thought to myself, oh my goodness, this person is perhaps a leader providing feedback to another person.  Then very intentionally, I gently leaned to listen.  As I listened, I found myself with wide eyes, shaking my head gently back and forth in small movements of “no.”  I glanced around and saw several other passengers now glancing towards him, their eyes equally enlarged over their nose masks.

The gentleman continued to verbally attack the other person on the end of the phone. I quickly learned it was a hotel employee on the other end of the line. I immediately experienced sadness, both for the gentleman who was struggling to maintain resiliency and convey his concerns in a constructive way without attacking. More so, for the individual who was the recipient of this bullying customer behavior.

I am hopeful that the hotel has some kind of a customer call recording solution.  How might the hotel find a way to share with this gentleman that while they value their customers, respect for others and bullying won’t be tolerated?

Mistakes happen. Humans are imperfect. Systems and processes are not flawless. How Might?How might leading with inquiry vs direct statements have a different outcome? How might mentally sitting next to someone vs across or over someone have a different impact? How about putting the problem(s) in front vs between? Here is hoping both individuals in this heated experience find the space to reflect, learn and heal.

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