MS Mouse Mischief & Collaborative Learning

I just came across the coolest FREE tool and wanted to share! As I watched the video on it, while the video shows an example in a classroom with children, it is totally applicable to adults as well.

The tool allows you to insert interactive, multiple-mouse slides into your lessons that delegates can participate in at the same time, either individually or in teams.  Trainers can test, quiz and poll individuals live with the use of Mouse Mischief and PowerPoint!

This is a great tool for supporting collaborative learning, improving participation and best of all; it appears easy to use and relatively cheap as participants in class use their computer mice to participate.

Clearly there are multiple uses for such a tool in the pedagogy learning world, but what creative ideas come to mind as to how you could utilize in corporations with adults, teams, etc.? Has anyone out there used this tool in the corporate world?

To learn more about this tool, visit this site:

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