I just finished watching Marcus Buckingham’s video, Trombone Player Wanted.  What great sharing and discussion of identification of strengths, clarification and putting one’s strengths to work. It was shocking to hear the research which indicated how irregularly individuals on a daily basis actually utilize their strengths.  Only 2 of 10!! He shared particular myths and challenged them such as, do we believe that our personality changes, etc.

One question was, “What is stopping you from playing to your strengths each day?” Is it about exploring myths and replacing them? A great question to get individuals to really ponder what beliefs one holds, and how it serves one to keep that held belief(s).

He really made me think about, “Do you have a choice to grow into someone you already are, or growing into somebody else?”

This video certainly caused me to reflect on my past roles and what percentage I felt I was utilizing daily, as well as how I can take control over how I spend my time.

My goal is to challenge myself and you all too, to start immediately on focusing on more of your strengths ….start playing to your strengths.  Ask yourself, what percentage of your strengths do you regularly use?  As an HRBP and L&D professional, it is somewhat ironic how often in various workplaces phrases like “Close the gap”, “Build weaknesses” and I pledge as an HR professional to challenge others to consider the main points that this video discusses….BUILD STRENGTHS and manage around weaknesses.

I am very much looking forward to reading, “Go Put Your Strengths to Work”

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  1. Angela Patterson says:

    We watched this series during a new hire training at work. I was really taken with the notion that you become more of who you are as you get older, and if you find a job that fulfills your strengths then you have found work that remains exciting to do. He’s so right about that!

  2. Hayden says:

    Hi Ang,

    Well the strange thing, my current boss does not seem to want to promote or encourage working to people strengths. I am a big fan of using my team accordingly to their strengths, as i find they excel. But at the same time it allows / encourages development and balances my team. i.e one persons strength is another’s weakness. But i agree i doubt i use my strengths as much as i could/should – there is always an excuse not too…….i sense a challenge!!

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