“Coaching sessions with Angie were lively brainstorms. Angie asks thought-provoking questions to help identify client’s strengths. Her identification and alignment of my strengths with Deloitte’s future of work competencies built my personal and career confidence. I am now happily employed and ready to pivot as the market demands thanks to Angie.”
~Kate Baldocchi, Sales, Human Design & Audiologist

“Angie has been such a God-send! I was so overwhelmed, not knowing where to begin when I lost my job of 13 years due to Covid-19. Angie coached me through the steps of rebuilding my resume and LinkedIn profile, encouraging me along the way. She helped me identify and unpack my key strengths and achievements, highlight and showcase their transferability, and help me change my perspective to full positivity! I went from feeling scared and overwhelmed to being confident and excited about this new chapter I was stepping into! Thank you, Angie, for being such a caring, empathetic, and empowering Career coach! I am so grateful for you!!”
~Michelle Romanowski, Learning & Design Thinking Professional, Project/Program Manager, Instructional Designer

“I don’t know how you do it, but you really are good about drawing out the “real” issue(s) and making me think of ways to resolve/face them!”
~Michelle Lopez, PHR, HR Business Partner

“The questionnaires and one-to-one coaching sessions Angie provides have enabled me to realise what it is I want to achieve, where my strengths lie, where my blind spots are and what I can do to start making a difference  She’s also not afraid of being direct when the situation warrants it!  In short, I am very happy I started this process and have already seen the benefits.”
~Howard Houlston, Director of Montague Technology Ltd.

“When I asked Angie to help me improve my CV the problem I had was that I had some really good content but despite several re-writes I couldn’t seem to find the correct wording or format specific to my career path. I am now much more confident with it and the feedback I am getting with my CV has been brilliant. Angie has been a wonderful help, if you have the opportunity to work with her then don’t waste it.”
~Karl Duffy, Service Management Consultant

“Angie is a skillful and dynamic coach who has the ability to engage with her clients and motivate them to realize their full potential.”
~Ron Oliver, M.B.A.,  Associate Director Techniques For Change

“Thanks so much for taking the time to coach me. You created an environment of trust and confidence for me that allowed me to acknowledge my personal desires, and provided me with resources to help me attain them. I don’t think these are things I could have done for myself.”
~Kimmie Farrington

“Angie’s MBTI assessment and accompanying exercises have provided me with insights about myself as well as my personal and work relationships. She is enthusiastic, compassionate, and an invaluable resource for any individual or team who wants to determine how they work best.”
~Karin Whitlock

“Angie has an amazing ability to listen and identify key strategic issues as she partners with organizational clients to obtain good outcomes. She has a really good grasp of using the MBTI(R) assessment in her work with individuals, teams, and organizations. Angie’s energetic style and willingness to ask the tough questions makes her a outstanding consultant.”
~Becky Sandifer



“Angie recently delivered a diverse, two-day training for our group at the Wilson/Amer Sports 2011 HR Summit at Wilson HQ in Chicago. Her vast expertise in various HR arenas allowed her to develop a training covering Change Management, HR Metrics, Creativity, and Business Partnering – as well as jumping in on various other topics throughout the two days. She also spent time strategizing with each of us on how the training would impact our day to day work, which was a huge value to each of us. I would highly recommend Angie. She is exceptional.”
~Elisabeth Cox, Human Resources – Wilson Sporting Goods

“We contracted with Angie and Potentiality to evaluate our current learning and development program with the goal of generating ideas for improvement. Pulling from her vast experience, Angie produced a comprehensive assessment of our current program, and a multitude of ideas for future growth. Throughout the process, Angie reliably delivered more than was asked on every task. I feel that I grew as a professional through the engagement. I would recommend Angie to anyone looking to amplify HR efforts at their organization.
~Ryan Ford, Director, Inside Sales

“It has been a true pleasure and enlightening experience for me to have had the opportunity to work with Mrs. Cartwright, and I would not hesitate to endorse her accomplishments and abilities. She would be a definite asset to any organization.”
~Carol Bartoschek, RDH, CHPD, Europe Regional Dental Command Health Promotion Director

“She is always professional and her communication skills are a great positive as well as her competence and organizational development knowledge. She is a gift to whatever organization or group she is working with, and is one of those that it would be great to clone, if you only could.”
~Kathy Yeager, Board Member & Program Chair, CHRA

“Angie has been an absolute dynamo and is always so bright, bubbly and teeming with ideas that it’s always a pleasure to speak to her. More importantly, Angie’s L&D knowledge is second to none.  She gets us to question why we want to do certain things and challenges us to think of the measures we can use to ensure our training solutions are effective.  She is a fountain of all knowledge.”
~Tina Jullings, Capability Development Manager – PS UK, MNC

“In working with Angie, I believe that she is exceptional and consistently goes far beyond what I would expect from her and what I have experienced with people who have consuted before. Her passion for delivering the best for the people and the business, and in a way that gives us cost effective, sustainable and repeatable solutions is great. This passion also extends with all engagement with the people she meets and supports- this alignment I believe is what makes her exceptional.”
~Rob Cross, Leadership & Graduate Development Lead

“I have found her support invaluable. Angie is inspiring & helpful and is also very commercially aware and keen to help us deliver our obligations at the appropriate cost to the business.”
~Fran Nicholls, L2012 Training & Engagement Lead

“Angie worked hard to support the development of a learning programme and worked closely with both the sponsors and myself to ensure a successful delivery. I found her to be enthusiastic with lots of ideas and materials to offer for the topics at hand. She was instrumental in providing learning materials for our collaboration area. All in all, I don’t think the kick off of the learning programme and event would have been as successful without her input.”
~Lucy Sell, HR Engagement Partner

“Angie has been a pleasure to work with.  Angie has a huge amount of energy, and her enthusiasm to get the job done right first time and to the highest quality is inspiring. It is clear to me that Angie is very passionate about Learning and Development, and is always pointing me in the direction of the best new techniques. For example, her input into how to improve the Transfer of Learning has been invaluable.  I can always rely on her to provide great ideas, and a different perspective on projects.”
~Andrew Boyce, Global Services Communications

“Angie has brought energy, enthusiasm and a passion for Learning & Development to our community.  She brings new ideas, “out of the box” thinking as well as sharing relevant L&D information and knowledge, such as news articles, white papers etc. Angie takes a “sleeves up” approach and happy to chase through ideas and actions to an outcome.
Angie is one of the best L&D partners I have worked with over my time, she understands her subject, she is passionate about her role, and she is inspiring.”
~Bruce Cornford, Competence Centre Lead

“Angie proves a constant ball of energy and her enthusiasm is completely infectious. I continue to be astounded at her subject matter expertise in the L&D area and her contributions have been positively superb.”
~David Linton, Talent & Leadership Manager

“I think your major asset is your relentless desire to learn – you are so naturally inquisitive – skills of a good coach – your approach is very infectious.”
~Mike Smith, L&D Professional & Coach

“Angie has an amazing ability to listen and identify key strategic issues as she partners with organizational clients to obtain good outcomes. She has a really good grasp of using the MBTI(R) assessment in her work with individuals, teams, and organizations. Angie’s energetic style and willingness to ask the tough questions makes her a outstanding consultant.”
~Becky Sandifer