Today on my lake walk, I spotted a person cleaning his patio deck; the movement of his arms captured my attention. As I approached, I could see he lived on the second level. As I got closer, I could see all the debris and leaves fall from his deck with every sweeping movement and fall […]

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Learning on the LB Lake

On September 15, 2019 By

I headed out for a slow jog this morning, what I frequently refer to as a “slog” to describe my slow @#* jog.  I always enjoy taking in nature’s art around me, and I look for moments of human inspiration during my trail outings.

Today, I was inspired by a father who was cycling on […]

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Highlighting Transferable Skills

On January 14, 2018 By

People often ask me how can s/he highlight and leverage their transferable skills when it comes to considering a new career goal or change.

First, identify if your interest is a straight line, lateral or a career jump. Next, I always recommend reviewing and capturing the current key competencies aligned with what job(s) that individual […]

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Anticipated & Unanticipated

On January 6, 2018 By

Periodically I get asked why I switched from a focus of marketing and business to human resources. When asked this question, it makes me reflect on goals, happiness, adjusting and iterating.

In my early career, I frequently heard, “You are a natural sales person.”  Oftentimes, I would be recognized as the monthly and/or quarterly sales […]

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As a year enveloped and a new emerged, emergent change is top of the mind as well as future adventures.  Personally and professionally, I am constantly curious about change and talent.  We have likely all experienced how small differences in conditions yield different outcomes, or experienced how the present is linked to the future, but the […]

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Quantum Leap vs. Box Jump

On April 12, 2015 By

Oftentimes while at the gym, I watch others complete their box jump sets and tell myself one day I am going to give it a go. They look fun and most importantly, I know the benefits of plyometrics; however, something has kept me from incorporating them into my workout routines.

On this particular day, I […]

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On December 21, 2014 By

With a little practice, changing gears can be instinctive. I bet in hindsight most individuals would say s/he received a lot of direction and support to learn and develop cycling? Let’s use cycling as a sample.  Cyclists usually begin with a goal, consider his/her development relative to the goal and set out to accomplish and […]

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