Business Coaching

“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance.  It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them. Clients say coaching brings out their best by helping them focus, break down tasks and clarify their values.” ~Fortune Magazine Business coaching, (some coaches call it professional coaching), it can take two forms:
  • Executive coaching:
A one-to-one partnership with executives focused on work-related issues with one-to-one meetings over a period of time.
  • Team coaching:
Team coaching is about focusing on the strengths of individuals who make up a team, and helping them to work together. It builds better relationships and more effective communication, both of which are essential to any great team. Team coaching gives your team the power to make better, faster decisions and to execute them successfully. Benefits of business coaching:
  • Identifies executive strengths and development needs
  • Leverages existing strengths and improve performance
  • Creates an executive strategy with an action plan and accountability to help you stay on track
  • Develops leadership skills and practices
  • Helps you to learn coaching skills you can implement
  • Enhances career planning and development with an action-oriented plan
  • Create greater work/life balance
  • Reduce turnover and retain top performing staff
  • Enhanced individual and organizational performance
  • Improved organizational strength
  • Perception of management as being committed to employees and their growth and success
  • Improved employee morale, more committed employees, thus greater productivity
  • Retention of high potential talent and talent magnet
  • Better client relationships
  • Positive work environment, thus greater productivity
  • Executives learn coaching techniques which they can implement with their teams for improved relationships and productivity, as well as enhanced employee development
  • Enhanced organizational performance
  • Positively affect organizational culture
  • Succession planning and development of key executives
  • Reputation of investing in executives through development
  • Enhanced reputation within industry
  • Ability to recruit key talent
  • Positioned for continued growth and success
Organizations use business, team or executive coaching for:
  • To retain job satisfaction and top talent
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Develop businesses and reach individual, team and business goals
  • Provide a safe and confidential sounding board
  • Recognition of individual and team type
  • Increase creativity & innovation
Organizational benefits:
  • Support for succession planning; creating successful new leaders; supporting the newly promoted
  • Increase satisfaction and motivation of employees
  • Increase productive use of time
  • Gain better understanding of organizational issues (via aggregate feedback)
  • Minimize destructive conflict and easier conflict resolution
  • Increase retention of high performing employees
  • Increase team effectiveness via more effective leaders
  • Enhance employee loyalty: they feel valued and invested-in
Recent business coaching clients have required my services:
  • To define group values and motivators
  • To enhance organization performance
  • To define interferences and overcome obstacles
  • To enhance organizational culture
  • Solicit group feedback and define goals
  • Identify personal and team type
Packages/Workshops: Coaching, consulting and training will be customized to suit your requirements.  You may prefer phone, face-to-face or a blended option. Please contact me to receive more information.