Working with Potentiality Consulting, we can support you in the following areas:

Accounting & Audit Prep

We ensure accurate accounting and robust reporting, easing the number-crunching complexities of your growing business.

  • get clear cost accounting and month-end close, as well as reliable GAAP financial statements;
  • consolidate, automate and fortify your financial reporting;
  • optimize your accounting system – from operational policies and procedures, to records cleanup and reconciliation, to software selection;
  • enjoy smooth, efficient financial audits;

Human Capital

We believe your employees’ attitude and motivation are key drivers of your company’s success.

  • optimize your workforce performance by improving in-house staff development and satisfaction;
  • review and fine-tune your compensation strategy and benefits structure;
  • assess and enrich your performance management process; and
  • evaluate and cultivate your human resource systems.

Finance & Business Intelligence

We give you insights and intelligence to support your decisions, providing you with greater performance understanding, predictability and better ROI.

  • benefit from expert budgeting, cash management and cash-flow projections;
  • identify your business drivers, predict outcomes and measure results;
  • integrate your data systems for deeper analysis, comprehensive reporting and dashboard vision;
  • generate pro forma financial statements and forecasts you need for successful fundraising;
  • analyze and evaluate debt and equity term sheets, in order to architect the right capitalization structure and financing sources to reach your goals.

Contracts & Equity

We can enable you to manage administrative matters more efficiently and cost-effectively, thanks to our skilled administrative support for contract and equity-plan management.

Advising & Project Management

Undertake new projects with confidence, because you know you always have access to exactly what you need to succeed.

  • benefit from experienced business guidance from startup through scaling;
  • analyze and optimize your business processes;
  • manage the logistics of office relocation seamlessly and with minimal distraction.




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