I support startups and early-stage companies with all things People Experience.

Fractional People Experience | Consultant | Coach | Advisor | 7x Startups | SaaS

🧢 My career spans across various industries, where I have embraced both individual contributor and leadership roles. My primary focus has been in high-tech hyper growth startups, where I have accumulated over 15+ years of experience at venture-backed companies, ranging from Series A to pre-IPO. 🚀 I have thrived in high-tech SaaS environments for over a decade, leading companies through the complexities of people dynamics, navigating rapid growth and scale, as well as acquisitions, through effective talent and change management strategies. 📈

🔎 I bring 10+ years of expertise in talent management, learning and development, and organizational development (change management). This experience allows me to effectively co-create, nurture and develop individuals and teams, facilitating their growth and adaptation in ever-evolving settings.

🌐 Having lived and worked internationally, and partnered with global companies, I have gained valuable global work experience (15+ years). This international exposure has broadened my perspective and enhanced my ability to collaborate across cultures and diverse contexts.

💪 Building strong relationships is a natural talent of mine, allowing me to establish connections and foster trust and collaboration. I have been described as an “infuser,” inspiring and motivating those around me. Additionally, I excel in coaching, helping individuals explore and enhance their self-awareness, strategize for career and personal development, and achieve their goals. I thrive on excellence, demonstrating a commitment to delivering high-quality results. My optimistic and positive outlook creates an uplifting and encouraging environment for those I partner with.