Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®    

The MBTI® assessment is one of the best known and used tools in coaching. It is a tool based on the theories of Carl Jung.  It is non- judgmental and allows individuals to gain an understanding of their preferences, particularly with energy and attention, acquiring information, decision making, and lifestyle/work preferenes.

What’s your type?

(Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® for Individuals)

Understanding your type can:

  • Provide insights to individual preferences
  • Provide a straightforward path for personal development
  • Emphasize the value of diversity
  • Help clarify the fit between you and your job
  • Provide a way to improve communication
  • Help reduce conflict and stress
  • Assist with ways to manage one’s self and develop interpersonal skills

Contact me about an assessment & session(s) for exploring your type.

Teams & type

(Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® Team Workshops)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® benefits teams & organizations:

  • Emphasizes the value of diversity
  • Identifies blind spots of teams and organizational units
  • Helps clarify the fit between people and their jobs
  • Identifying strengths and blind spots
  • Fosters openness & trust
  • Builds and sustains team culture
  • Enhances learning about communication styles & adapting style to communicate effectively with others
  • Supplys a framework in which team members can understand and reduce conflict

MBTI®  can be applied to various organizational development programs such as:

  • Career development
  • Leadership development
  • Communication curriculum
  • Team building development

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