This book was fantastic! It was such an enjoyable book and I couldn’t put it down once I began because I was so curious about some of the outcomes with the characters. The author brought to the forefront all of the essential struggles all graduates face when graduating and entering into the work force. In […]

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One of my favourite authors is Marcus Buckingham and I just finished reading, Go Put Your Strengths to Work.

I agree with the author that “individuals, teams and organizations are most productive, creative, focused and resilient when they figure out how to play to their strengths!” I also agree that, “an individual, team or […]

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Go Put Your Strengths to Work

On February 6, 2011 By

I just finished watching Marcus Buckingham’s video, Trombone Player Wanted.  What great sharing and discussion of identification of strengths, clarification and putting one’s strengths to work. It was shocking to hear the research which indicated how irregularly individuals on a daily basis actually utilize their strengths.  Only 2 of 10!! He shared particular myths and challenged them […]

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MS Mouse Mischief & Collaborative Learning

I just came across the coolest FREE tool and wanted to share! As I watched the video on it, while the video shows an example in a classroom with children, it is totally applicable to adults as well.

The tool allows you to insert interactive, multiple-mouse slides into your […]

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Appreciative Inquiry

On September 23, 2010 By

What thoughts surface as you ponder AI and coaching?

Essentially, AI is about the search for the best in people, organizations, and the relevant world around us and that all is a part of a living system. There is a belief that every living system had vast untapped capabilities & potential.

If AI involves the […]

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Prep for Interview

On September 2, 2010 By

Learning & Interviewing

We have always heard that one of the biggest mistakes is not being prepared for interviews.  Interviewing is a skill and with all skills, learning and practice enhance the quality of that skill.  Preparation can heavily influence your outcome.

Rather you are an Engagement Partner seeking a new candidate or an employee […]

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