Today on my lake walk, I spotted a person cleaning his patio deck; the movement of his arms captured my attention. As I approached, I could see he lived on the second level. As I got closer, I could see all the debris and leaves fall from his deck with every sweeping movement and fall down below into the fenced area of the occupant below.  As I walked past, a thought surfaced. How might one need to consider ripple implications to an action/decision/change? Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 6.05.13 PM

I pondered this as I strolled by. Perhaps if this individual considered a few questions, it might ensure no ripple implications, such as potential friction from the occupant below. Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 6.05.52 PM

Transitioning this thought on my walk, I began to think about leaders and organizations. What are your favorite questions to help yourself and others consider change implications, etc.? Some which surfaced today were:

  • Who might be impacted by this change?
  • What part of your strategy is the change meant to directly impact?
  • Will this change have a ripple effect on any other people, departments, processes, etc.?
  • Are there any systems, products or processes that need to be modified as a result of this change?
  • What people or technology changes need to be made?
  • What else might be competing with this change initiative that could derail or cause resistance?

As an individual, how do you typically approach/advise on change, and what are your typical guiding questions to ensure no/reduced negative ripple implications?


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