I headed out for a slow jog this morning, what I frequently refer to as a “slog” to describe my slow @#* jog.  I always enjoy taking in nature’s art around me, and I look for moments of human inspiration during my trail outings.

Today, I was inspired by a father who was cycling on the trail behind his young daughter. She appeared to be maybe 5 or 6 wearing little jelly sandals. She passed me with her utmost energy, and I could hear a man’s voice providing words of encouragement to support her attempt to cycle straight and avoid swerving (they were in the middle of a very busy trail with traffic on both sides).  Her father was right on her back wheel, following and offering guidance. All of a sudden, the little girl came to an immediate halt, and the father was forced to hit his brakes quickly and reactively, causing a bit of a dusty trail experience.  What occurred next is what caused my keen eavesdropping.

At that moment, the father leaned down and asked the little girl, “How are things going” …”imagine us getting to the rowing dock up a few more corners” ….“How good is it going to be to get there, lock our bikes up and kayak together”…. “are you ready”….”we can do it, let’s go”…

The little girl looked up, smiled and enthusiastically roared up her little pedal strokes. Now, I had a real challenge to keep my jogging pace to spot their victory.

I wanted to share this moment because of what we can all learn from this. In just a very few moments, this father was able to lean in, check-in, remind her of their joint goal, offer words of encouragement for potential and possibility for success.

As I passed them at the rowing dock, I extended a warm, “Have a delightful day” …. I am so grateful and honored to have experienced that moment.

LB Lake


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