People often ask me how can s/he highlight and leverage their transferable skills when it comes to considering a new career goal or change.

First, identify if your interest is a straight line, lateral or a career jump. Next, I always recommend reviewing and capturing the current key competencies aligned with what job(s) that individual has had. Then, research and capture the key competencies against future ideal job(s). Follow this up with competency mapping for heightened awareness and prep.

I recently had the delight to partner with a gentleman in Austin, Texas who for his entire career, over a decade, had worn dual hats as a sports coach and teacher. He was curious about a new career path in sales. Upon partnering with him, capturing his skills, knowledge and abilities, researching the sales key competencies, we conducted a competency mapping. Then, we were able to highlight the transferable skills on prime real estate, (on the top of his resume). In addition, we also ensured he was prepared for competency interviewing, by coming up with 2-3 questions against each competency. Now he can easily speak to each competency on a phone, in person or panel interview(s).

In this particular example, some of the key transferable skills we chose to highlight against the sales opportunity he was seeking were:

coaching, communication, influencing, ambiguity, judgment, decision-making, organizing, planning, prioritizing, time management, relationship building and critical thinking.

I am happy to share he landed the new career jump and has been in his new role now for nearly a year.


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