Periodically I get asked why I switched from a focus of marketing and business to human resources. When asked this question, it makes me reflect on goals, happiness, adjusting and iterating.

In my early career, I frequently heard, “You are a natural sales person.”  Oftentimes, I would be recognized as the monthly and/or quarterly sales person, and it seemed only natural I would align my focus and deliberate intentions and chose to pursue and anticipate an undergraduate degree in marketing.

As part of my curriculum later in my degree, I incorporated various leadership and human resources courses. My curiosity for human resources was unanticipated, and nearing the end of my degree completion, I was struck by a deep desire to further explore this curiosity.

Luckily, I had a great support system that allowed me to further explore this curiosity (thanks to my dear Jack). On occasion, from others, I received some pressure to pursue on the path of marketing and sales and not to deviate. Upon graduating, I had already decided I wanted to pursue a Master’s degree in Human Resources and began research, and within a matter of weeks applied to explore a new journey.

In hindsight with my early career achievements, coupled with my early non-profit work, I became focused on the “How” we do the “What” to achieve individual, team and organizational success. In the past, I was certainly recognized for my sales achievements; however, when I reflect back on my key motivators, it was greater than money (plus later in my career, I certainly didn’t earn as much in the non-profit arena). It included meaningful and challenging work, learning and personal growth, recognition and achievement in helping others and myself succeed.

With a new year comes new opportunities for individuals to reflect on their personal journey. Be mindful it isn’t the destination that is important, it is the journey. It can be hard to adjust and iterate. I am so happy I did years back, and ever so grateful I have a career aligned to my curiosity, interests, talents, and one I love. Here is wishing you all many great experiences, reflection and learning, pivoting and adjusting, and happiness in 2018.



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